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Dalcroze™ School of the Rockies



The Dalcroze School of the Rockies™ is thrilled to announce the 2017 summer programs:

The Dalcroze™ Academy

at Metropolitan State University of Denver

July 17-29, 2017

The DSR License and Pre-Diplôme Course

July 10-14 + July 17-29, 2017




Click Here to Learn More about the License and Pre-Diplome Course!


The 2016 Dalcroze™ Academy was a resounding success!  A total of 37 students, 10 of whom attended the License and Pre-Diplôme Course, and 5 faculty members from 4 continents, 11 countries, and 13 states, were in attendance.  The instructors, music educators, dance and theatre professionals and music therapists participated over the 3-week intensive Dalcroze™ training course.   Additionally, these students now have the opportunity to continue their studies during the academic year through Skype lessons and/or weekend intensives through the Professional Studies Program at the Dalcroze™ School of the Rockies.  All Dalcroze School of the Rockies™ professional studies students are supported with Embodying Music: A Texbook for Dalcroze™ teacher training towards the Dalcroze™ Certificate, and Moving Sound:  A Textbook for Dalcroze™ teacher training towards the License.


Congrats to the fine musicians, dancers, and faculty who made 2016 Academy so memorable! 

2017 Dalcroze™ Academy and License/Pre-Diplome Course Brochure

DSRDA Housing and Logistical Information

DSRDA Financial Assistance Information

Professional Studies Student Handbook

View Plastique Animée Performances from Previous Years


Our Vibrant, Published, International, Award-Winning Faculty Has Included:

2015_DSRDA_Plastique_II.jpgMonica Dale ; Ellicott City, Maryland:  Dalcroze™ License, MM

Jeremy Dittus ; Denver, Colorado:  Diplôme Supérieur, DMA, Program Director

Mary Dobrea-Grindahl ; Cleveland, Ohio:  Diplôme Supérieur, MM

Bonnie Draina ; Boulder, Colorado:  DMA

Eiko Ishizuka ; Boston, Massachusetts:  Candidate for the Diplôme Supérieur, MM

Hélène Nicolet ; Geneva, Switzerland:  Diplôme Supérieur, Certified Laban Movement Analyst

Katie Couch ; Denver, Colorado:  Dalcroze™ License, MM

The focused, clearly defined curriculum at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies™ (DSR) is the only authorized training program in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Courses for The Dalcroze™ Academy include (subject to change):


  • Techniques of the Body, Laban Movement Analysis, Folk Dancing (9:00-9:30)
  • Dalcroze™ Eurhythmics™ (9:30-11:00)
  • Dalcroze™ Pedagogy/Applications (11:10-Noon)
  • Special Topics (1:00-2:00, daily)Dalcroze™ Solfège  (2:00-2:50)Teaching demonstrations of children's classes
  • Keyboard Harmony Courses
  • Guest Lectures
  • Dalcroze™ Improvisation (3:00-3:50)
  • Plastique Animée:  a type of visual analysis demonstrating music with the body (4:00-5:15, week one only)


    Student-based curriculum includes:

    • Options for one or two week study
    • Individual course electives
    • Study can also be continued throughout the year at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies™ via Skype lessons and/or intensive weekend study to accelerate study through the program.
    • The opportunity to obtain the internationally- recognized Dalcroze™ Certificate or License in as little as three summers.

    Affordable Tuition Options

    • $1349 for 2 weeks

    • $700 for 1 week (typically week one)

    • $150 for 1 day

    Experience the Joy of Musicianship from the Inside Out!!!